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Ego X offers the lightest and most undetectable hair systems available providing an inexpensive yet high quality hair replacement solution.  
You can choose a style from our stock systems or your hairpiece can be customised to your personal specification to match your head shape, balding pattern, natural hair colour, density, curl etc. – either way it will appear totally natural because our hair systems are made from human hair.  We can provide solutions for any style and colour of hair; our replacement solutions can be for men and women and the service includes a professional cut-in.
“Having a hair system myself I understand what could be done better,” says Exo X owner, Robin Langley, “from adding subtle highlights in the front to make the system look more natural through to matching your curls to give you a perfect look.”

Private consulting and fitting room

Be assured we are very discreet, and your consultation will be carried out in a plush private room where we can discuss how to help you and fit your new hair system.

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